“… It was not long ago when you were a child. You were not like any other child around your town (Helms Deep). You were more perceptive, more intelligent, more cunning and more adventurous! You town was very large and filled with a very diverse group of people of all races, classes and creeds so you learned much from the adults and strangers around you. As you grew older, you also grew wiser and stronger. You made friends with those who shared your similar ambitions and interests.”
“One rainy uneventful evening you meet with your companions to discuss an idea that has been stirring in your mind for quite some time. You talked to each other and find out that each of you has been feeling the same way. You find that each of you has some greater purpose in life, some more to accomplish that for some reason your town is not capable of providing…”
“You all decide to venture to the neighboring town of Tenal, which hosts the only harbor around, to set sail for new adventure, fame and glory and riches!”
“You and your traveling companions gather your traveling gear from the nearby markets with the money you all have saved and prepare to venture forth at first daylight for the town of Tenal…”

The Search for Truth